Chef Diego

“Food is about sharing memories, building connections and nurturing the soul.”
Chef Diego cutting a large fish

For Owner and Head Chef Diego Barrios, cooking is a way to connect to the past and create new memories to share.

Chef Diego first learned to cook from his grandmother Candelaria, cooking over a wood burning stove in his native Costa Rica. After traveling around the world in the U.S. military, Chef Diego studied French Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Center in New York, NY.

He is inspired by fresh ingredients and international flavors, and always cooks with heart and Sazón – a perfection of flavor, color and aroma.

After a decade of experience as an Executive Chef in restaurant and corporate settings, Chef Diego was in search of a way of life with more balance and creativity. He founded Sazón Chefs with the mission of bringing people together through immersion in beautiful culinary experiences that embody Pura Vida.

Chef Diego cutting meat

Pura Vida


A way of life that reflects happiness, well-being and satisfaction.

Chef Diego cooking pasta